Andrew Cherry

Aether — Breaking Changes

NOTE: This article has been superceded by later changes to the Aether library in late 2015. See the Aether site for up to date information.

Very quick note here! I just made some breaking changes to the Aether API, changing functions like getL and setPL to more idiomatically F# formulations like Lens.get and Lens.setPartial. The new API should be if anything more obvious in terms of usage, and the slight increase in verbosity is probably compensated by the decreased “F# surprise”.

I have, of course, bumped the library a major version, so assuming you’re using a good dependency management tool which handles semantic versions correctly where specified (e.g. Paket) you shouldn’t have any immediate problems. However, it will be a mechanical refactor at some point.

My apologies if this causes some disruption to anyone, hopefully it should be quite minor, and makes F# a little more discoverable.