Andrew Cherry

F# Exchange 2016

It’s been almost a year since I last did anything conference-y, so it must be time for another! So, I’m happy to say I’ll be speaking at F# Exchange 2016 on April 15th. To sweeten the deal rather massively, there’ll also be lots of other speakers, so you can safely avoid me…

This year I’ll be trying something a bit different with my talk. I’ve usually focused pretty heavily on a single project or principle when I’m talking but this time I’m going to aim for a bit of a magical mystery tour. When I started building what is now Freya, it was just a standalone set of types and functions, but while building it I discovered that a lot of what was needed could be built more elegantly and more effectively by implementing some new abstractions (or at least implementing them in ways that didn’t exist in F# before). Along the way I’ve ended up writing Aether, Anat, Arachne, Chiron, Hekate, and Hephaestus and they’ve changed the way I think about writing software and designing programs.

I’ll try and share that journey a bit – and maybe spark some discussions. If you’re at F# Exchange 2016, it’d be great to chat – come and find me :)